Crystal Kaitiaki
(The 'Lost Devices' service)

Seems to be that schools are generally insured (and like getting new replacements) 
or really consider themselves not responsible should one (especially a TELA one) get stolen.
A good project but no real enthusiasm to nail a thief...


  1. Generate and maintain a inventory of all networked devices.
    • Kete (Crystal device inventory)
    • Include all necessary identification data.

  2. Store school devices in monitored centralised locations
    • Operational at defined times (5pm to 8am weekdays and weekends/holidays).
    • CCTV monitoring using EdSerf CCTV services.

  3. Track all mobile devices all the school wireless devices.
    • Display on a screen map available both online for staff and office.
      • Crystal weathermap (for static devices)
      • Wireless map (mobile device)
    • Operational at defined times (8am to 5pm weekdays).
    • Include ...ipads, chromebooks, macbooks, school laptops.
    • Exclude ...TELA laptops and BYOD devices

  4. Ability to track and disable device remotely upon request
    • Aim to locate and disable but not prosecution.
    • Consideration for user privacy needed.


  1. Crystal school greater than step 2.
  2. Enterprise level Wireless system (MoE approved)
  3. VPN, GRE tunnels or N4L layer 2 connection to EdSerf (CCTV).
  4. ICT support ...
    • to install monitoring software onto device as necessary.
    • Monitoring presence during "tracking' hours.


  • Capital ...
    • Monitoring environment ... small older networked Windows workstation (or co- process with another computer) and suitable TV/large display screen.
    • Kete: Free with Crystal but will need several hours clean up time to ensure validity and reliability.
    • Weathermap: Free with Crystal for basic configuration but several hours of device configuration is needed.
    • Wireless map: Free but will need several hours configuration to ensure validity and reliability.
    • Monitoring software: This has not been source or priced.
  • Maintenance ...
    • ICT staff install and managing software ... estimated 1 hour/week after initial setup.
    • Office monitoring resources ... No cost but staff must be comfortable with the occasional viewing.


  • Products
  • EdSerf CCTV
  • Device monitoring software.
  • Tracking maps
  • Kete (Crystal) inventory
  • Tracking specific devices ...